Why Gozo?

Or a journey into our origins... We are going to travel far so please keep your mind opened

I discover Gozo purely by accident, when I join a friend who wanted to go to Malta in 2011. I looked on internet, to me Malta evocated the lost civilisation of Atlantis, Nature, the Sea, a secret garden, a well preserved habitat, a marine protected area, without a doubt a sanctuary with underwater temples and a wonderful place for freediving.


I started freediving about the same time I started matial arts when I was around 10-11. I became so passionate with freediving, and later the movie the Big Blue came out when I was about 18 so I went to Greece first with my girl friend and 2 other friends. But it was in December 2011 I discovered Malta and Gozo. Since I did more than 70 return travels from France to Malta.

So when I looked first on internet about Malta I discovered it was made of 3 islands and the ones that attracted me the most was Gozo and Comino. And I was right. I don’t go often to the main Island of Malta.


During one of my stays in Gozo I even met and reunite with Jean-Paul Pagnoud alias JPP who was one of the judo teachers of my judo club when I was in France… An he was living there, in Gozo! The friendship, the good energy is with us anywhere anyway… Gozo the island of synchronicities?

Me and JPP in Gozo : how life is incredible, finding him in Gozo when I first met him in my university judo club in France where he was a sensei and friend for years


I discovered another world, or another dimension where time slow down. I explored the island, the underwater caves… I eventually created an NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) to raise awareness about the plastic in the sea. Also I was amazed by the singularity of these islands…

With many friends we picked up the plastic and other waste around Gozo. In 2013 I created the NGO We Are All One (WAAO) to raise awareness about the plastic in the sea around Gozo. Here it was a national cleanup organised by several associations from Malta and Gozo (GUG, Let’s Do It Malta and WAAO). In the same time without knowing it there were a Mediterranean clean up, another similar operation in the Baltic Sea, in Brasil too, and the European parlement were passing a text to ban the use of plastic bags.


During the pas 10 years despite I explored a lot Gozo I still discover new places. Because the shape of the island is made of hills, ravins, fjords… there are many little places hard to access and one day or another you always find something new.


About the mysteries of Malta and Gozo, its history and especially its prehistoric origines : it is most probably the craddle of the Mediterranean civilisation (Malta: Origins Of Mediterranean Civilization – Luigi M Ugolini, 1932).

During the 2.5 million years of the stone age, according to the temperature changes and Milankovitch cycles, the sea went up and 140 meters down alowing civizations to thrive and build structures that are today underwater.

Similarities between maltese and african structures

Below is a comparison between the maltese temples and the very old african structures discovered by Johan Heine, a South African pilot and Michael Tellinger (these circular structures are dated between 60,000 and 300,000 years old). As I was very curious about these South African stone circles (called “Adam’s Calendar” for their very ancient origins), I discover that they spread from South to North Africa in various sizes, and I found that maltese temples had quite a similar pattern. Another clue was the metallic sound of the stones. If you wander in those prehistoric sites in Malta and Gozo, and if you pick a hard stone and hit it with another stone, there is a chance it rings almost like a bell. Michael Tellinger noticed exactly the same in South Africa… Could it be a coincidence? When I looked into the possible connection with egypt, the sumerian “gods” or the ancient builders I found a common point : the resonnance and the possible use of a sound technology. I sent an e-mail to Mickael Tellinger around 10 years ago about what I just explained, and he had no doubt about the connection between the maltese builders and the african ones… That is what I could observe as an amateur. According to Michael and other independent researchers and writers who have investigated for years, if not dedicated their lives and published many things on that topic like Graham Hancock, Samir Osmaganish, Erich von Däniken, Klaus Donna etc. All of these remains go back much further in time than is dogmatically accepted (for political and/or religious reasons). In the photos below only the first one on the top left is a maltese temple (all the other ones are from Africa) :

Echoes of the past

Different lost civilisations would have thrived and collapsed such Atlantis and Lemuria.

Regarding a possible connection of the maltese archipelago with Atlantis I had the chance to meet and talk with Anton and Simon Mifsud. They are both maltese distinguished scholars, funders of the Maltese Prehistoric Society, co-authors of a very interesting book : Echoes of Plato’s Island.

The Atlantean civilisation could have also spread on a large scale, especially if they would be linked to pyramids and the underwater structures we found in the Bahamas and the azores islands for example. Also the Richat structure in the desert of Mauritania is very interesting.

The Richat Structure (50km wide) also called “The Eye of Africa” is located in such a harsh environment that it kept explorers away.

The documentary “The Revelation of the Pyramids” below emphasises the interconnections between different locations far away from each other on Earth at different times and they all align : in Egypt the Giza plateau and the Sewa Oasis, in Peru the Nazca lines, macchu Pichu, Ollantay Tambo, Cuzco, Saccsay Huaman, Paratoari, Paracas, in Africa the Dogon country, the Tassili N’ajjer, in the Middle-East Petra in Jordan, Ur and Persepolis in Iran. And many other locations such as Mohejo Daro in Pakistan, Khajuraho in India, Pyay in Burma, Sukhothaï in Thaïland, Angkor Wat et Preah Vihear in Cambodia, Easter Island in the Pacific Ocean and even the Shen-HSI pyramids in China… All these sites alignments are GPS certified on a straight path all around the planet. Some have very similar building complexe fittings and would be projection of stellar objects. The more you dig into these mysteries the more questions arise. Despite the origin of mankind has been a well kept secret for a long time, more discoveries, new answers and new questions appear. The


Going back to the maltese temples a study was made and a journal was published about the peculiar sound properties of the temples (Paolo Debertolis and al, Journal of Anthropology and Archaeology, 2017). There is also a group of researcers called the Super Brain Research Group (SBRG). It is an international and interdisciplinary non-profit organization of researchersfrom Italy, Finland, U.K., Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia, researching on archaeoacoustic and anthropological properties of ancient sites and temples throughout Europe and Asia (www.sbresearchgoup.eu).


Being in Gozo is a physical connection somehow to these topics just through its prehistoric appearence. When you are close to a cliff or in a valley you can easily imagine a pterodactyl suddenly appearing in the sky 🙂 There is something special, almost dreamlike thing that talks to me, and also a physical and real thing that is happening for real. I was talking about synchronicities. This relation we have with the “coïncidences” in our life. There is something subjective into it, psychological, almost magical, or in a more moderate way it is a sort of quantum experience. It is as if our inner intentions, our dreams, could manifest in certain forms. It would be the proof that we as humans have a the power to alter reality, to manifest things, like Wayne Dyer explains so well in this interesting video “the power of intention” if you are familiar with this.

But above all, what intrigues me the most are the people I met. Wherever I go I have found my roots in the human heart, friendship, family spirit, the feeling of unity and all the things we can share… And for me Gozo maybe has a role into it like a catalyst. I am grateful and happy to share my passions in such an environment. A big thank you I love you to my family and friends! We are One! Aloha! Ooss

The Malta Freediving Club!
Bjj training at the academy BJJ Gozo
The window of the academy BJJ Gozo says “Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Judo, Self-Defense, …MMA”
With the invisible and most important part we don’t see, the blossoming heart, the spiritual aspect of Martial Arts
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10 good reasons to do a BJJ Gozo Camp

On top of being an academy, BJJ Gozo is a community that welcome groups in Gozo and even solo travelers who want to combine holidays and other reasons to come to Gozo rather than just holidays… Here are 10 good reason to join us for a couple of days to one week or more :

1- It is affordable. The plane ticket can be very low according to where you travel from, especially with low cost companies such as Ryanair or easyjet . Airmalta has also very good prices. The price of our BJJ Camps are all include, you don’t have to spend anything else. For a little group and with the 20% OFF early booking the price per person would be 400€ for 3 nights or 800€ for the whole week everything included except the plane ticket (accomodation, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, transport, activities).

2- The community spirit, the good vibes you feel here will put you in a very relaxed mode.

3- The island of Gozo is a very peacefull and beautifull destination.

4- The 300 days of sun : the climate is very good!

5- You can come all year round

6- You can practice english. Malta and Gozo are a very good place to improve or learn english.

7- The ease to explore and the simplicity of life. The sensation of freedom.

8- The points of interest, the history.

9- The originality of our accomodation : the dojo, the war shelters and the aquaponic garden.

10- The activities. Indoor : bjj, judo, mma, boxe, yoga, ginastica natural, meditation… Outdoor : Freediving, snorkeling, trekking, excursions, Gozo & Comino tours, Jeep rides…

The spirit of jiu-jitsu…

“In Zen, an ensō (, “circular form”)[1] is a circle that is hand-drawn in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.” (Source : Wikipedia)

Jiu-jitsu traces back so far in time we can’t find it’s origines…

We can go as far as 5 thousands years ago when Kalaripayat was practiced by a cast of warrior monks. That was something particular. That is the roots of jiu-jitsu and almost all martial arts when the monk Damo who became later known as Boddidharma traveled north to China 1500 years ago. He meditated for ten years in a cave next to a monastry that would be the most famous place in the world for martial arts : the shaolin monastry. The monks all learned from Boddidharma, who brought buddhism as well into China. His teaching was not only about combat but also meditation and consciousness. That last teaching, or Sutra was called the Laṅkāvatāra Sūtra that is explained in detail here.

That is the core, not only to understand jiu-jitsu but ourself. That is the spirit of jiu-jitsu.

Despite its name jiu-jitsu also contains a “do”

Then as you practice in an academy this take form and melt into the practice. The particularity of brazilian jiu-jitsu is that this void, this spirit, this spriritual core that becomes your eternal and higher strength is accessible to anyone who desire to learn or be initiated. Before martial arts schools used to be hemetic. Jiu-jitsu can be a media, a form through which the spirit, the teaching, the principles are flowing from one to another. The spirit of a martial art is not about bowing to a wall or to someone. It is about realising the importance of consciousness.

That is what came out of experience, learning, practice, travel, human interactions… However you don’t need years to understand. The sensei, the teacher, the instructor can be seen as a transmitor experiencing and sharing an awakening process that pulls you forward…

You open then to your nature, your infinate expansion through consciousness.

10 tips for beginners

1- When your enter a BJJ academy, first thing : go shake the hand of the instructor first. How does it make sense to you? What do you think of someone entering a gym, say hello to everyone except the professor?

2- Bow to the dojo, and to your partner at the beginning and the end of the class. It is a sign of respect. Check hands to your partners is cool, we do it everytime we roll or do techniques with someone. During a roll as well everytime there is a “reset”. However the “bow” tradition in jiu-jitsu is still there. This little detail show you learned about jiu-jitsu culture and you are part of it.

3- Understand the meaning and necessity of hierarchy, inspite we are all equal fondamentally. The belt in jiu-jitsu represents your dedication, commitment, time, energy, effort, tears, blood and sweat you spent on the mat. So when you enter an academy you say hello first to the teacher, then the other black belts, then the brown belts, etc. But you say hello to everyone. If you are blue belt, spar with your team mate and collide into other higher belts it is up to you to move. If you collide into white belts it is up to them to move

4- Personnal hygiene : your gi must have a good smell. For that it is recommanded to have at least 2 gis. The same for your nogi apparel. They must be fresh! Your nails (feet and hand) must be short. Your feet must be clean too with no smell. It is recommander to go to shower them before you enter the mat. You must not were any jowels, watch, ear rings…

5- Hygiene in the dojo : the dojo is cleaned by the professor and the students. Every practitionner knows what it is to clean a mat. So everyone help around to clean the dojo. It is a guaranty that it will remain clean for everyone.

6- Never interrupt the instructor, go drink or use your mobile phone while he explains a technique. Think about switching off your phone before the session unless you must keep it on for your work or other important reason. For that just talk with the coach so he knows.

7- The first time you enter a gym don’t ask to roll with a black belt or with the professor. Also respect the progress, be aware of difference of level, strength, size…

8- Always respect your partners. Never complain or groam if you are submitted by a higher belt. Just train silently and progress for yourself. Always accept to tap and leave your ego at the door. Don’t seek for submission but for perfection. Always roll smart, minimize strenght and use the flow, improve your coordination and use the right amount of strength.

9- If you can’t attend a class send a message of apology to the teacher. Why? Because he dedicate his time to teach you and will always be there to encourage you. You can go to the class and participate as you can. You don’t have to do everything. The most important is that you are here. Don’t forget that we support a team, an academy. If there is an event or new students and the academy in empty, there must be euther a problem or a big lack of support. We are all into the same boat, we all have our place and necessity for this academy to exist, grow, thrive and be part of the bjj family. It makes sense isn’t it?

10- Be patient, trustful in this culture that exists for thousands of years. You are not the one who will change it. You are the guest, you must adapt to this new world, not the opposite. You must understand the beauty of it and do your homework. Don’t ask for your belt promotion or stripes. It is up to the instructor to decide. Only time and dedication will get you there. If you understand all that your progress will be fast, you will go higher, and you will be able to create your own jiu-jitsu and in turn be able to transmit or share with others this beautiful art. The Heart as well in this is above the muscle and the intellect. We recommand all the thing you can read in the JJGF website, as well as the Gracie University, Gallerr Academy

You will find also very useful tips in this video from Gustavo Gasperin, Fabricio Werdum BJJ Black Belt :

BJJ for Kids! Here we go!!!

We are about to start the kids class next Saturday 21st of November 2020. The class will start at 10am and will end at 11am. Then it will continue every Saturday except during the school holidays.

Minimum age is 4. Up to… adults who are the great kids 🙂

They will learn different things, from basic meditation and focus, concentration, balance, how to fall, built confidence, strength, agility and fexibility. The core of the Lesson is around games. Then there will be some basic yoga postures.

Parents can Watch and even participate if they want.

We are looking forward for this fun and constructive adventure for our little ones 🙂

Thank you for your joyful presence and support!


Welcome to bjjgozo!

We are re-opening now, next class is wednesday July 22nd and then we train as usual :

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday from 6pm to 8 pm

You are welcome to visit us, say hello, have a look, even have a free try!

Our academy is open to everyone. We will start also kids classes, women classes, fitness and “ginastica” soon. More info will be published here regularly.

Please spread the word!

Thank you for joining the BJJ family in Gozo and thank you for your support!


Photo below : François Deniau the professor of BJJ GOZO was part of former french BJJ team in 1997. Here (bottom) at the 2nd World Championship in Rio de Janeiro. It was the pioneer times where BJJ was almost unknown in Europe…

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