Activity :Sessions per weekDurationPrice per sessionPrice per monthPrice for 3 monthsPrice per year
BJJ Adult Class *(from 13 years old)32h15€60€150€550€
BJJ for Women *21h10€50€120€450€
BJJ for Kids (from 4 years old) *21h10€50€120€450€
BJJ private class 1 to 1 *1h40€
BJJ private class with 2 students *1h302 x 20€
BJJ CAMPS *(week-end)Include accomodation & breakfast8hFrom 110€
BJJ CAMP (per day)4hFrom 40€
Freediving (2 to 6 students) *2h30€
BJJ CAMP + Freediving…Include accomodation & breakfast10hFrom 140€
TFD affiliation*30€80€290€

* BJJ adult regular classes are on Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

* BJJ for women : there are 2 sessions per week (Tuesday & Thursday) for women only. Beside it is possible to join the regular adult classes or the Saturday class or BJJ Camps.

*BJJ for kids : They start from 4 years old and loearn a lot of things through games.

*BJJ private class : it is possible to do a 1 to 1 private class with François (1h) or you can split the price with another student.

*BJJ CAMPS : you can join on the week-end, we can accomodate up to 10 students. We suggest also an initiation to freediving.

*Freediving : François is also a freediving instructor. Mastering your breathing helps a lot in sports and life in general. There are lots of benefits. Regarding BJJ it helps to get a better flow, more stamina, better mental, visualisation and lucidity on your game.

*TFD (Team François Deniau) affiliation : since we have our first affiliated academy in Malta (and others in France), we propose an affiliation that will help you in your BJJ journey in many regards : thechnical knowledge. François has formed many teachers and athletes since 1997 and traveled a lot, learned and keep learning in the “arte suave” with a very simple and intuitive approach. The affiliation includes :

  • Unlimited trainings in our academy in Gozo and our affiliates in Malta
  • 50% on BJJ camps
  • A 60 pages ebook for beginners and coach : very useful as a guide book and coaching manual
  • If you don’t have an academy you will be able to gather your students at our affiliate academy in Malta or our head academy in Gozo.
  • You can create your own academy in minutes
  • You will get official certificates from the IBJJF, the most recognise BJJ organisation in the world
  • All your progress will be personally followed, you will be able to be promoted from official BJJ white, blue, purple, brow and black belt belt according to your dedication & comitment to the art : only time will take you there…

Welcome to you, if you have any question thanks to contact us here.

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