How long is a BJJ CAMP? Usually a week, we organize a program from Sunday to Sunday, but you can decide the duration yourself depending on your flights.

Where does the BJJ CAMP take place? In Gozo, in the TFD academy located in Xaghra, in the center of the island. You can locate us with Google Map here.

When will the next CAMP take place? The camps are held every month. The best is to subscribe to the newsletter here to have all the necessary information.

What is the cost of a BJJ CAMP? The cost for a BJJ CAMP from Sunday to Sunday (8 days / 7 nights) is 1000 € all inclusive (accommodation, full board, morning and evening jiu-jitsu lessons, transport, visits, outdoor activities). You would have nothing to spend on the spot.

How can I reserve my place for a BJJ CAMP? First, subscribe to the Newsletter, you will receive the reservation link a few minutes later.

What are the payment methods? You can currently pay by Paypal or by bank transfer. Everything will be indicated when booking.

When I arrive in Malta where should I go? You can take either a taxi (remember to book either the day before or when you arrive via the Bolt or e-cab application) or the X1 bus at the exit of the airport. There are buses every 45 minutes. Here is the link to know the schedule of the bus X1 (you get off at the last stop : Cirkewwa).

Where are meals taken? They are taken at the academy. We have a large kitchen and a friendly space. We can have a meal outside depending on the activities.

What should I bring? Your jiu-jitsu gi, rashguards and personal belongings. No need to burden yourself with too much stuff. The lowest temperature is around 12 ° Celsius in January / February. It is good until November. Even in December we are often in short-sleeved t-shirts. Plan a sweater and K-way in winter. We will give you a list of useful things before you leave.

Can I come with my family, my children? For now our academy can accommodate children from 12 years old under the supervision of a parent.

What level of BJJ should I have? No level is required, even if you have never practiced it will be a great opportunity to combine holidays and initiation!

Why do a BJJ CAMP? The synergy that is created during a camp makes you progress because there are 2 training sessions per day and the emphasis is on fraternity, the “flow” which consists of putting the ego aside and sharing its progress, observe … The instructor will follow each person individually in this perspective of progress, of mutual cooperation. You will be “in a bubble” for a week and also a very pleasant environment and above all a strong connection to yourself. The ambitious goal of each CAMP, beyond the activities, is the discovery or even the realization of the Self. This is possible by minimizing opposition and sharing its progress. The observation, the contact with nature, the sea, the nutritional quality of the meals, the breathing exercises, the meditation, the synergy of the group will help to glimpse an interior space which is already familiar to you and which is the place in yourself, where you can then act to do what you deeply desire: improve your results in competition, your performances, master jiu-jitsu techniques, channel your energy, keep your focus, pass an exam, achieve goals …

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