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Ginastica Natural
Self Defense MMA
BJJ with GI
Ginastica Natural
Self Defense
BJJ with GI
Ginastica Natural
Self Defense
The classes are open to everyone, women, men and teenages from 13 years old.

BJJ : Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ; SELF-DEFENSE : the essence of jiu-jitsu which purpose is to protect yourself and others from a brutal agression. BJJ developped the hability for the weaker to overcome brutal strength with smart moves and body positions that give mor chance to survive and eventually make your agressor surrender or allow you to escape.

GI : contraction of JIU-JITSUGI (“kimono” is often used as well although it is literally a form of traditional japanese clothing that is worn in formal occasions). So most of the time we train and learn jiu-jitsu techniques with a “gi” for many reasons : a beginner would learn and feel better the leverage concept of bjj ; less strength is needed ; the cotton of the gi absorbs the sweat ; it gives a better protection ; you can create for self-defense situations ; it can help to develop strength especially in the hands, the arms, the back as you developp your hability to grip the thick material and pull in various direction and various grips…

NOGI : means we practice with a wrestling type of gears, without the help of a “gi”. You can use a short and a t-shirt, however we use a more specific clothing called “rashguard” that came from the surfers when they started to learn jiu-jitsu in Rio de Janeiro back in the days (at Rolls Gracie academy).

Ginastica Natural is part of bjj. It was developped by Alvaro Romano (Rolls Gracie black belt) on the base of moves he learned from Orlando Cani his yoga teacher. Then Ginatica Natural became a very popular gymnastique in Brasil and within the bjj community. It is the gymnastic of jiu-jitsu that develops coordination, strength, flexibility, balance through specific bjj , self-defense, yoga and animal moves. The most famous moves are the shrimp, the square, the crocodile, the gorilla, the grass hopper, the tiger, the donkey…

This schedule is the core of our academy. We may have more classes soon. Everyone can book a free try at these sessions. Once you become a member you can train as well at the open mats so you can train everyday if you want. Spread the word!

Every class is a bit different. On Monday we focus more on the practice without the gi (nogi) and mix with muay thaï, wresling, judo, sambo… It is MMA for beginners, in a fun and friendly way. So it is a very complete and safe sport guided by an experienced coach. You will learn effective self defense in every class. On Wednesday we focus more on take downs with the gi mixing judo with wrestling technics. On Friday we focus more on the ground techniques so we explore bjj technics in more depth, with drills and specific technics around a certain type of guard, submission, escape, sweep… Book your free class now before we are full!

Private classes can be booked via WhatsApp or by email at

Thank you and see you on the mat!